About me

Art has touched me in many ways throughout my life.  My childhood was filled with music arts, I played the keyboards, flute and violin.  I was encouraged to play music, but between lessons and recitals you would find me with a ball point pen and paper drawing horses and landscapes.  Little did I know that was my humble beginnings would be a part of who I am today.


Many years later with the passing of my mother, something clicked like a light switch turning on.  I couldn’t seem to turn it off.  Maybe it was my way of coping with her loss or maybe it was my chance to give myself permission to play.  Either way I needed to feed this desire, one that I had forgotten from my childhood.


Every path has led me to something new to learn and grow.  I read countless books and took as many classes as I could.  I started a blog, teaching classes and opened a Etsy shop.  I went from playing music to working with a stamping company, becoming a fiber artist, encaustic artist to illustrator.  


My artistic journey is one of exploration and has taken many paths.  Every path has led me to something new to learn and grow from.  My advice to you is embrace your journey.



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